Búsqueda Laboral

Marzo, 2019

➝ Empresa de Soluciones Tecnológicas enfocada en el sector de Software busca: PROGRAMADOR

C# – Requisito
Asp.net, MVC y Net.Core – Requisito
Dapper y Entity Framework
Visual Studio
Css, less, sass
Javascript, json, jquery y Angular
Xml, html5
Comprensión clara de patrones de diseño
The position is full time and 100% remotely. You’ll be working from 9 to 6 (Panama) with 1 hour for launch. All holidays are worked including Christmas and New Year.
20 Working days of vacations
Up to 2.000 USD salary (depending on the skills as a contractor with the US company ,Celerative Inc).

Por consultas o envío de CV a: pablo@celerative.com